(in progress)

Concept, Direction and Interface

  • Rafael Lozano-Hemmer


  • Kerry Doyle, Co-curator

  • León de la Rosa, Co-curator

  • Edgar Picazo, Content Director


Rubin Center, University of Texas in El Paso

  • Kerry Doyle, Chief Curator and Director

El Paso Community Foundation

  • Mario Porras, Director of Binational Affairs

Fundación Comunitaria de la Frontera Norte

City of El Paso, Cultural Affairs.

  • Ben Fyffe, Assistant Director MCAD

Programming and Development

Antimodular Research, Montreal

  • Stephan Schulz - Head of R&D

  • Conroy Badger - Programming

  • Karine Charbonneau - Head of Exhibitions

  • Guillaume Tremblay - Networking, website

  • Rebecca Murdock - Industrial designer

  • Susie Ramsay - Financial director

  • Kitae Kim - Architecture and simulation

  • Pipo Pierre Louis - R&D

  • Matt Palmer - R&D

  • Carolina Murillo Morales - R&D

  • Jesse Morrison - R&D

  • Sarah Amarica - Production coordinator

  • Tegan Scott - R&D

  • Caroline Record - R&D

  • Miguel Legault - Documentation

  • Mariana Yañez - Photography

  • Roy James Macdonald - Programming

  • Elliot Woods - Programming

Staging and logistics

HB Stage Productions

  • E. Alberto Bordier

  • Jovaney Lopez (PM El Paso)

  • Daniel Coss (Project Manager)

  • Ricardo De Leon

  • Francisco Guardiola

  • Xavier Cazares

  • Gabriel Ramirez

  • Scott Weir 

  • Cristian Carrasco

  • Jonathan Quezada

  • Juan Aguilar

  • Eric Borrego

  • Rodrigo Hernandez

  • Laura León

  • Angélica Ramírez


Pro Sound Soluciones

  • Jorge Morales

  • Francisco Javier rivera

  • Juan Gutierrez 

  • Cesar Sinaloa

  • Alejandro Orozco

Elite Security:

  • Manny Espinosa

  • Tessie Marquez

  • Erick Rodriguez

BCT Entertainment, Anaheim

  • Brian Longhofer, Director

  • Jeffery Smith, Lead tech

Content development

Coming soon

Communications and Events

Barracuda PR

  • Marina Monsivais

  • Ana Gaby Becerra

  • Regina Garcia

  • Dave Acosta

  • Alexandria Viescas

Partners and supporters

Mellon Foundation (Pittsburgh, NYC)

Arte Abierto (Mexico City)

VIA Art Fund (Boston)

Bloomberg Philantropies (NYC)

Antimodular (Montreal)

Novamex (Ciudad Juárez)

Transtelco (Ciudad Juárez)

Todash (Ciudad Juárez)

Grupo S-Mart (Ciudad Juárez)

Carol Johnson (El Paso)

Carl Ryan (El Paso)

Suzi Davidoff (El Paso)

Tovar Printing (El Paso)

Secretaría de Cultura de Chihuahua

Municipio de Ciudad Juárez

Fundación Comunitaria de la Frontera Norte

Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Institute of Mexicans Abroad

Consulate General of Mexico in El Paso

Special Thanks

Penny Balkin Bach, Arturo Barrios, Cathy Chen, Christian Diego Diego, Carolina Franco, Karla Frausto, Kate Green, Ersela Kripa, Alejandro Morales, Stephen Mueller,  Dr. Diana Natalicio, Stephanie Otero, Victoria Ramirez, Jane Terrazas, Rachelle Thiewes, Elizabeth Thurmond, UTEP Borderzine, JW Rogers, Peter Svarzbein, Rosa Elva Vasquez

Patron saint

Cassandro el Exótico

Border Tuner is a non-profit art performance financially managed by the El Paso Community Foundation. The project is funded by individual donors, by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer's studio Antimodular in Montreal and by the following institutions. We are grateful for their contribution to making the project possible:


Border Tuner is brought to you by the network connectivity and free public wifi access of our telecommunication partners:

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