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The project takes place over a large campus in what historically would be the Chamizal binational park between El Paso and Ciudad Juárez. It is open every night between November 13 and 24 from 6 to 11 PM and it has free entrance to all.


Please do not bring:

  • Alcohol or drugs

  • Bright lights that may impede viewing the piece

  • Loud portable stereos

  • Motorized scooters or motorcycles, we need to create a safe pedestrian area.

Please feel free to bring:

  • Any text that you may want to read out loud

  • Friends and family of all ages

  • Smartphones, computers or tablets. We will offer free wifi so you can follow the live participation on all 6 stations using your device.

  • Bikes, skateboards, roller skates

  • Blankets, foldable chairs, food, picnic gear

  • Pets




Each side of the border has the exact same features:

Three interactive stations each with three searchlights, a tuning-dial controller, speakers and a microphone. Each station has two bilingual docents who can help you use the station, set the microphone to your height, translate if necessary and make sure everyone can get their turn.

One Forum tent where informal and programmed discussions can take place. The forum features a live link so that the proceedings can take place on both sides of the border. Check the events page to see what is happening on different days, but if you are live on site don't forget to visit as there is always something going on.

One Community tent where informal and programmed events can happen, such as community gatherings. Check the events page to see what is happening on different days, but if you are live on site don't forget to visit as there is always something going on.

The Urban living-room is a large area, sponsored by Jarritos, with inflatable sofas where people can relax and see the lights. Each night there will be a number of refreshments offered courtesy of Jarritos. In this area you can also eat and there are public restrooms nearby.

The Control room is a central location for information, security and first aid.

The Remote Pulse station is an artwork by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer where you can place your hands on a podium that registers your heartbeat and sends it to the remote city and viceversa. When you touch this piece you feel the heartbeat of the person across the border.

Parking in El Paso


To get to the site on El Paso, please park at the Chamizal National Memorial Parking lot on South San Marcial Street and then follow the signs to reach the campus facing Delta Drive. Please note that Delta Drive will be closed during the live operation of the project.

Parking in Ciudad Juárez

Park on any of the Parking lots inside Chamizal park. Please note that during event hours the lateral street of Rafael Pérez Serna Avenue will be closed.

Free Public Transport

On the Ciudad Juárez side, a bus route has been set-up to provide free transportation to and from Chamizal Park from several locations in the city. Check back here for routes and times.

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