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Border Tuner


An interactive public art installation across the US-Mexico border by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer.

Open to the public

November 13 - 24, 2019

Every night, 6:30 to 11:00 PM

Bowie High School, El Paso and

Parque Chamizal, Ciudad Juárez

Three interactive stations on each side of the border will control powerful searchlight beams using a small dial wheel. When lights from any two stations are directed at each other, microphones and speakers automatically switch-on to allow participants to talk with one another, creating cross-border conversations.

The project is curated by Kerry Doyle and León de la Rosa, with programming direction by Edgar Picazo. While a diverse schedule of invited guests will open the installation each evening, everybody is welcome to participate for free.

More information on the concept of the project.

See the project video presentation. 

Check the schedule of daily special events! and plan your visit.

Each voice is a bridge - León de la Rosa
Rafael is the creator of entertaining, technologically inspired, interactive creations that people line up to try, and at the same time, a somewhat macabre intellectual with a penchant for social criticism. - Ted Loos, New York Times
Lozano-Hemmer's "Voz Alta" is one of the brightest social interventions in Latinamerican Art. I say this to transmit the excitement of experimenting a new form of interaction alternative to the authoritarian space of mass media. ​- Cuauhtémoc Medina, Reforma
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