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Send your voice


Border Tuner is an artwork primarily for the public that visits the project campus in El Paso and Ciudad Juárez. There you can connect to another station and start a conversation. 

If you cannot go physically, you are be able to send voice messages in two ways: 1) using the interface on this page, or 2) sending it by Whatsapp to number +1-915-633-3784.


Any messages sent remotely will be played back whenever there is no one participating live. Your message may be picked by docents and played back into an unused interactive station. We do not know when your message will play back nor can we guarantee it will, —in that sense is like a radio program where the hosts choose to play messages as they see fit. We recommend sending thoughts, dedications, poems, jokes, manifestos, shout outs, samples of your singing, eulogies, quotes, or anything else that you think is worth listening to. Please note abusive or racist messages will not be played back, at the discretion of the docents. 

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